European Water Movement
Forum Italiano dei Movimenti per l'Acqua


The European Water Movement is an open, inclusive and pluralistic network whose goal is to reinforce the recognition of water as a commons and as a fundamental universal right. We are united to fight against privatisation and commodification of this vital good, and to construct a public and communal management of water, founded on the democratic participation of citizens and of workers.


Il Forum Italiano dei Movimenti per l'Acqua riunisce organizzazioni impegnate nel promuovere l'idea che l'acqua debba essere un bene comune per tutti.


Associazione 12 Scatti Onlus


12 Shots Onlus was created with the purpose of helping children in Burkina Faso (Ivory Coast), who die every day from diseases due to lack of drinking water, through the construction of wells that make this essential resource available to ensure survival. The collection of the necessary funds for the construction of wells is via the distribution of calendars developed by us, with the minimum contribution of 10 €. The calendar, which has always called "Below", is made with beautiful underwater photos taken by "volunteer photographers". The liberal contribution will be used to finance the construction of wells for drinking water. It seems absurd, but in Africa, on the threshold of the third millennium, there are more than 300 million people without access to safe drinking water. With only 7600 euro we can create a well that provides drinking water and life to hundreds of people for over tens of years.


Terra Madre - Rete delle comunità del cibo


Terra Madre brings together those players in the food chain who together support sustainable agriculture, fishing, and breeding with the goal of preserving taste and biodiversity. The Terra Madre network, is born to preserve, encourage, and support sustainable food production methods. These methods are based on attention to territory and those distinctive qualities that have permitted the land to retain its fertility over centuries of use. This vision is in direct opposition to pursuing a globalized marketplace, with the ongoing, systematic goal of increasing profit and productivity.


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