Electric Bass



Massimiliano Rolff is Italian endorser for wonderful basses FIBENARE.

Utilizing the latest in build techniques, while still using traditional handbuilding methodology for rough and fine work, Fibenare has quickly made a mark in the high-end, boutique market for both guitars and basses.
Fibenare is based in Budapest, Hungary, in the middle of an old, steel-industry park in Csepel Muve and it is distribuited in Italy by Conzentra, a great music store that sells only excelent instruments.
The four luthiers at Fibenare are certainly capable of building an instrument from start-to-finish, but instead, each focuses on their individual specialties and has a hand in the construction of every instrument.
Fibenare is also able to choose from an abundant choice of domestic, high-grade woods for their instruments including Hungarian ash, alder, maple, and poplar—from regular to burl to highly figured and every instrument is completely handbuilt—including the hardware and pickups.
Fibenare Globe 4 strings bass is a perfect balanced instrument, easy to play, with great versatility on every genre, very elegant in design and with an unique sound. Top!



FIBENARE is distributed in Italy by CONZENTRA, a wonderful top level music store.
Placed in the middle of north Italy, near Milan, this store offers unique instruments, mostly hand made: guitars, electric basses, keyboards, effects and amps.
High quality is the rule for this music instruments boutique!



More Electric Bass in Rolff's:
FENDER JAZZ FRETLESS 1974 made in Usa, black


FENDER JAZZ 1976 made in Usa, ash


YAMAHA BB5000 1981 made in Japan, white




Massimiliano Rolff is endorser for GALLIEN-KRUEGER bass amplifiers.
An American brand, that in the last decades, has created and developed the sound of hundreds of the best bassists in the world.
Nowadays Rolff plays with GALLIEN-KRUEGER MB150S-112III on double bass and GALLIEN-KRUEGER MB500 500W Bass Amp Head GALLIEN-KRUEGER NEO 115 Speaker on electric bass.



Corde Basso Elettrico

Curt Mangan

Massimiliano Rolff is endorser for made in Usa strings CURT MANGAN.
Based in Cortez, Colorado, Usa, Curt Mangan is a factory-boutique, that produces very high quality strings.
Founded by Curt Mangan, guitarist and marketing director of Ernie Ball for over 20 years, electric bass strings stands up for a great tone, efficency and personality in sound.
Rolff plays CURT MANGAN, Fusion Matched 45-105, FlatWound, 45 65 85 105 set.



Double Bass


Massimiliano Rolff plays a REGHIN 1951 double bass.

An instrument with a very precise tone, excelent in clarity e deepness.
Flat back, light neck. Diapason 104cm, G string is at 4mm from the neck.
The bridge, in platano marbled wood, is made by great luthier GIANMARIA ASSANDRI, in Genova.
Strings: D'Addario Helicore Pizzicato, Medium tension.
Pick-up Realist David Gage and condenser microphone DPA4099B with tube pre-amp Presonus TubePre V2.


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