Massimiliano Rolff Italian Life in Contemporary Time

Massimiliano Rolff
Italian Life in Contemporary Time
(BlueArt, 2016)

01. Primo Quadro, La Terra
02. Secondo Quadro, L'acqua
03. Terzo Quadro, Il fuoco
04. Quarto Quadro, L'aria
05. Quinto Quadro, L'etere
06. Sesto Quadro, La luce
07. Settimo Quadro, Il Pensiero

Massimiliano Rolff - DoubleBass
Gabriele Mirabassi - Clarinet
Roberto Piga - I Violin
Daniele Guerci - II violin
Alessandro Sacco - Viola
Raffaele Ottonello - Cello
Marco Fadda - Percussions

All compositions and arrangements by Massimliano Rolff

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Raffaele Abbate at OrangeHomeStudio, Leivì (GE) - Italy
between April and June 2014
Produced by Massimiliano Rolff
Executive producer Rosario Moreno

Liner Notes by Massimiliano Rolff
The music of Italian Life in Contemporary Time is for me a new space, far from the jazz scene in which I spend my daily life. This album is a crucial turning point where I’ve tried to join together my most genuine and spontaneous musical intentions, digging to the roots of my culture, crossing various musical paths which I’ve been blessed to go through in these years, to finally search a synthesis that expresses, as far as it is possible, what I feel I am today. Composing this play has been a great privilege and a mean to embark on a trip deep down my musical soul, in search of my roots, my tastes, my feelings, beyond any stylistic presumption, be that esthetic or commercial, trying to overcome the many pressures constantly coming from the musical world surrounding me. Italian Life in Contemporary Time has been a particularly intense work of writing (and passionate as well) which has absorbed much of my time despite the hectic lives we all live. Today, at the time of releasing this work, this music gives me a priceless sense of gratitude for I am able to recognize every single facets of me in it, an emotional path that renews itself at every listening, towards a place that hopefully will charm you as much as it has charmed me to create it.

The seven musical frames which compose Italian Life in Contemporary Time are the multimedia show’s beating heart, designed and written by Massimiliano Rolff. Through this play Rolff aims to deliver the audience a free and objective view on Italian contemporary time, be that good or evil, trying to reformulate in a neutral way the concept of being Italian. By way of immediate media vectors such as dance and images, the musical trip conceived by the Genoese composer proves us that happiness is ready to bloom inside of us, even in such a country full of uncertainty. Ready to be picked up once we will have the strength and awareness to look for it.

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