May 2018

Asia Tour: Hong Kong, China and Japan

From 9th May and for the next 20 days, Rolff will be on tour, with italian guitarist Alessio Menconi, in some of the best venues in far east.
16 concerts are announced in Hong Kong (2 concerts), Canton, Changzhou, Anqing, Hefei, Beijing (5 concerts), Tokyo (3 concerts), Osaka and Kobe, with the support of Italian Institute of Culture of Hong Kong, Beijing, Tokyo and Osaka and with the support of Genova Municipality.
Some, will be duo concerts with the show "Jazz from Italy - Una Canzone per il Jazz", other concerts will be with standard trio, along with some of the best drummers living in China and Japan today. The last 2 japanese concerts Rolff will be leading a band with great japanese saxophonist Yasuki Sogabe. More details on locations and venues are available on the Facebook page and Instagram.

April 2018

Studio Recording - New album "Home Feeling"

The recording of Massimiliano's new album took place by Orange Home Studios. The working title of Rolff's new work is "Home Feeling", a new album for a new sound, in a mix of jazz and afro-cuban vibes.
Rolff is leading the band with great colombian pianist Hector Martignon, Mario Principato on percussions and Nicola Angelucci on drums
"Home Feeling", that will be released by BlueArt in June 2018, has been fully produced by Artist Foundation PSMSAD, and is featuring 6 new Rolff's compositions and some standards, with a special tribute to the great cuban pianist Ruben Gonzalez. Con Rolff al contrabbasso, a suonare le sue nuove composizioni originali ci sono il pianista colombiano Hector Martignon, Mario Principato alle percussioni e Nicola Angelucci alla batteria

April 2018

Concerts in Paris with "The Quintet"

Announced for 4th April 2018 a big concert for Rolff at Auditorium of the Italian Institute of Culture in Paris with THE QUINTET, an original production by BlueArt MAnagement, with Emanuele Cisi on Tenor Sax, Flavio Boltro on Trumpet, Eric Legnini on piano and Adam Pache on Drums. Another concert will be announced with this band in April at the great Jazz Club Duc de Lombard in Paris.

February 2018

Concerts in Spain for "Cubiculum"

From 22nd to 25th February Rolff will be touring Spain for 4 concerts with spanish trumpetist David Pastor: two concerts in Barcellona - Milano's Campari Jazz Club and Teatre Kursaal de Manresa - and two concerts in Valencia - Auditori de la Llosa de Ranes and Jazz Club. The concerts feature great guitarist Ximo Tebar.

January 2018

Collaboration with "Monopoli" Jazz Conservatory

In January 2018 Rolff starts his new teaching program for jazz electric bass, at Monopoli (Bari) Jazz Conservatory "Nino Rota".

January 2018

Italian concerts for "Cubiculum"

In mid January 2018 Rolff is giving 3 concerts in Italy, showcasing the new album "Cubiculum", with the great spanish trumpetist David Pastor, dutch pianist Joost Swart and Ruben Bellavia on drums. The 3 clubs are already sold-out, in Recoaro (Vicenza), Avellino (Naples) and Andria (Bari).

January 2018

Release of the book "Jazz Collection"

In January 2018 Publisher BlueArt releases the book "Jazz Collection" by Massimiliano Rolff, that includes 35 scores of Rolff's compositions. The book includes Rolff's tunes in a "Jazz Standards" format, easy to be played in jam sessions nd by students of jazz music. All compositions are Rolff's originals released in many albums between 2006 and 2017. The book features liner notes by Maestro Enrico Intra, it's for sale through different digital stores, including Amazon, Feltrinelli and Mondadori.

Autunno 2017

Concert with Fabrizio Bosso and "A love Supreme"

More concerts for Rolff. 8th september he will perform in Parma along with a stellar quintet with trumpetist Fabrizio Bosso and Flavio Boltro, with the great Eric LEgnini on piano and Adam Pache on drums. In October Rolff will perform the suite of "A Love Supreme" in Lichteinstein, Torino and Teatro sociale di Como with Emanuele Cisi on tenor, Danny Grissett on Piano and Adam Pache on drums.

Estate 2017

Concerts and new CD release "Cubiculum"

During the summer Rolff will be giving concerts around Italy with the italian crooner Gianluca Guidi and with the spanish trumpetist David Pastor. In august label BlueArt will release the new album "Cubiculum" by Rolff and David Pastor. The cd has been recorded in 2016 at CutRecords Studio in Valencia by the two leaders along with Lorenzo Tucci on drums and spanish pianist Alex Conde. The record presents some Pastor and Rolff's new compositions and some standards. The overall sound is a typical modern jazz with a great touch of mediterrean taste.

May 2017

International Jazz Day, Holland, Israel, Rome

Lots of concerts and traveling for Rolff during the month of May: for the traditional International Jazz Day, Rolff will be on stage with The Quintet feat. Flavio Boltro at Teatro Cantero in Chiavari. At mid May Massimiliano will tour Holland with the Joost Swart Trio, and on 25th May Rolff will be performing the whole suite of A Love Supreme by John Coltrane at Zappa Club in Tel Aviv with the greats Danny Grissett and Emanuele Cisi. The day after Massimiliano will perform at prestigious Casa del Jazz in Rome with Dave Schroeder, Antonio Figura and Paolo Damiani, for a newborn exciting musical project.

April 2017

Electric Bass teacher at
Monopoli Conservaotory

Massimiliano is the new Electric Bass teacher at the jazz departement of "Nino Rota" Conservatory in Monopoly, in the wonderful region of Puglia.
Rolff will be heading south every month for two days of full immersion of teaching, jazz language with Electric Bass.

April 2017

New CD release and tour
with Dimitar Liolev Quartet

DIMITAR LIOLEV new album "Eastern Shadows", is released by legendary british record label SLAM PRODUCTIONS, with worldwide distribution. The album, recorded in Sofia Dimitar Liolev on saxophone, Martin Tashev on trumpet and Dimitar Semov on drums, features Liolev's compositions and one original ballad by Rolff. As in the first album "The Other Side" the sound of the band travels onto an original mix of jazz and balcan east-european folk rhythms. In the first week of April the band will be touring in some of the most important jazz clubs of northern Italy.

March 2017

Rolff endorser for
Gallien-Krueger Amplifiers

Massimiliano Rolff is endorser for Master Music and GALLIEN-KRUEGER bass amplifiers. An American brand, that in the last decades, has created and developed the sound of hundreds of the best bassists in the world. Nowadays Rolff plays with GALLIEN-KRUEGER MB150S-112III on double bass and GALLIEN-KRUEGER MB500 500W Bass Amp Head GALLIEN-KRUEGER NEO 115 Speaker on electric bass.

February 2017

Rolff endorser for FIBENARE BASS

Massimiliano Rolff is Italian endorser for wonderful basses FIBENARE.

Utilizing the latest in build techniques, while still using traditional handbuilding methodology for rough and fine work, Fibenare has quickly made a mark in the high-end, boutique market for both guitars and basses.
Fibenare is based in Budapest, Hungary, in the middle of an old, steel-industry park in Csepel Muve and it is distribuited in Italy by Conzentra, a great music store that sells only excelent instruments.
The four luthiers at Fibenare are certainly capable of building an instrument from start-to-finish, but instead, each focuses on their individual specialties and has a hand in the construction of every instrument.

February 2017

"Scream!" CD review from Spain

New cd review from Spanish magazine and radio "Los sonidos del Pianeta Azul" - "... Afirma el gran Enrico Rava en la capeta del álbum, que con esta trabajo Rolff alcanza su madurez máxima, tanto como en las composiciones como en la interpretación que hacen de los temas sus compañeros de viaje, todos suman una escuadra sólida, compenetrada y de una poderosa sonoridad. Entre los temas propios, bordan una pieza de Monk y otra de Gershwin. Jazz clásico, en el mejor de los sentidos, y moderno a la vez.

January 2017

Spanish Tour with trumpeter David Pastor

Between 23rd and 29th January Rolff will be touring for a week the southern coast of Spain along with great trumpetist David Pastor. First gig is at historical "Jamboree Jazz Club" in Barcelona. Two other gigs and a masterclass follows in Valencia area (SedaJazz). Traveling south Rolff will perform at ClasiJazz and Broadway Jazz Club in Almeria, and on the way back will perform at Milano Cocktail again in Barcelona.

December 2016

Concerts, Theatre and Teaching

In this days Rolff is traveling for some concerts, in one of them is notable since Rolff plays with his own trio with great drummer Gianni Cazzola at Teatro Comunale di Gallarate (VA). Some shows with "La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano" are on at Teatro dell'Arca in Genova. In the meantime Rolff started the new Academic Year at Conservatorio di La Spezia, teaching Jazz Electric Bass.

October 2016

Review of "Italian Life in Contemporary Time" on Jazz Convention

Journalist Flavio Caprera offers a great review of "Italian Life in Contemporary Time" for Jazz Convention Magazine: "... Rolff builds the Italian contemporary life with a great string quartet that describes in seven virtual steps and with a narrative aproach the symbolism associated with artistic and temporal existence. "

September 2016

CD release "Angel's Song" by Stefano Guazzo Quartet

JC Records had released the new album of Stefano Guazzo Quartet. Rolff joined the recording last June at Riserva Sonora Studio in Arquata Scrivia (AL) playing for saxophonist and composer Stefano Guazzo, Daniele Gorgone on piano and Andrea Melani on drums. The recording presents many Guazzo's original and two jazz standards.

August 2016

Theater play "La leggenda del pianista sull'Oceano"

Rolff will be part of the orchestra for the teather play of "La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano", with the actor Igor Chierici and the rest of the orchestra they'll have their national debut at the endo of august for 4 sold out, in the wonderful location of Genoa's Porto Antico

June 2016

Italian Tour with NewYork saxophonist Dave Shroeder

In mid June Rolff will be touring Italy with the quartet of american saxophonist, harpist and clarinetist Dave Schoreder, director of the Jazz Department of prestigious New York University. The quartet, with Antonio Figura on Piano and Ettore Fioravanti on Drums, will perform for two nights at Elegance Cafè in Via Veneto, Rome, will open the Peperoncino Jazz Festival in Calabria and it will showcase at JazzIt Fest 2016 in Cumiana (TO).

May 2016

Italian concerts with dutch pianist Joost Swart

Rolff will join great dutch pianist Joost Swart in some concerts in north Italy. Massimiliano and Joost released together in 2012 the album After Dark. Joost Swart Trio will be performing at the beginning of May at Torino Jazz CLub, Masada Club in Milano and Gargantua in Genova.

April 2016

New CD release for JazzIt Magazine "Jazz Sharing"

JazzIt Magazine will release with number of May/June, Massimiliano Rolff's new cd entitled "JAZZ SHARING". This album has been recorded in a very spontaneous way during the JazzIt Festival 2015 in Collescipoli in center of Italy, in the mobile studio of MILK Studio of Rome. During the creative residence at the festival, Rolff has recorded 11 duos with 11 musicians from the emerging italian jazz scene, including on trumpet Luca Aquino and Angelo Olivieri, on piano Fabio Giachino and Antonio Figura, on saxophone Gianni Denitto, MArcello Allulli and Achille Succi, trombonist Beppe DiBenedetto, singer Susana Stivali, guitarist Filippo Cosentino and percussionist Marco Fossati. The session and the album witness an extraordinary artistic share, every musician brought one tune to perform in duo with Rolff. JazzIt Magazine awards this album with a 6 pages interview to Rolff and description of the work.

March 2016

Review of the show "Italian Life in Contemporary Time" on the national pages of IL MANIFESTO

Journalist Guido Festinese reviewed with amazing accuracy the national debut of Rolff's multimedia show "Italian Life in Contemporary Time" at Teatro della Tosse in Genova last February. Check it out in the 'Review' section.


JazzClubbing - RaindogsHouse, Savona

Rolff brings on his jazz residency at Raindogs Club in Savona, for the JazzClubbing program. After the past concerts with Carlo Atti, Riccardo Zegna, Gianpaolo Casati, Stefano Riggi, Andrea Dulbecco...next 28th february Rolff will play with guitarist Alessio Menconi, on 20th March with the new quartet of saxophonist Stefano Guazzo and on 2nd April with the great tenor player from Turin Emanuele Cisi


New album release "Italian Life in Contemporary Time"

Next 19th february, during the national debut of th show for images and dance by Teatro della Tosse in Genova, will be released the new album "Italian Life in Contemporary Time" (BlueArt): an extraordinary musical journey in contemporary italian society, with a new sound for very elegant written compositions for string quartet, clarinet, doublebass and percussion. This recording is featured by Gabriele Mirabassi on clarinet and Marco Fadda on percussions.


Recording with "Cubiculum"

In the first days of January 2016, Rolff will begin a new great interantional production with valencian trumpetist David Pastor, spanish pianist Alex Conde and italian drummer Lorenzo Tucci. The four musicians will record a new album of originals by the Cut Records Studio in Valencia (Spain) and the album titled "Cubiculum" will be released next spring by BlueArt.


Teacher at Conservatory "G. Puccini" in La Spezia

At the beginning of December 2015 Massimiliano will start a teaching program in Jazz Electric Bass, in the prestigious Conservatory "G.Puccini" in La Spezia. Rolff will lead the program for at least three years.


November tour in Spain with trumpetist David Pastor

Rolff will be again touring Spain between the 25th and 28th november, for 4 concerts on the coast between Barcelona and Valencia, in trio, joining trumpetist jazzstar David Pastor and spanish pianist Alex Conde. This trio is the beguinning of a collaboration that will culminate in an important album release in the spring of 2016. 2 concerts will be on festivals near Valencia and two in Barcelona, including important club such as Jamboree Jazz Club!


Italian tour with british singer Juliet Kelly

Between 3rd and 8th november, Rolff will be on tour in the quartet of great black british singer Juliet Kelly. The band, with Daniele Gorgone on piano and Rodolfo Cervetto on drums, will perform at Gregory's Jazz Club in Rome for two nights, the tour will go on in other clubs in the cities of Genova, Torino, Savona and Pisa.


"A Love Supreme - 50th year celebration" feat. Dado Moroni in Dicember in Switzerland

Next 8th december, at JazzClub Q4 in Rheinfelden, in Switzerland, will be presented the "european premiere" of "A Love Supreme - 50th year celebration". 50 years from the release of legendary album A Love Supreme by the great John Coltrane. The extraordinary line up will perform the whole suite and more music from the album Crescent, with Emanuele Cisi on Tenor Sax, Dado Moroni on Piano and Nicola Angelucci on drums.


New review of the album "Scream!" on Alias/Il Manifesto

Journalist Guido Festinese, wrote about the album Scream! on the national pages of "Il Manifesto": "the excellent bassist and composer Rolff, takes a break from hardbop, and favors melodies of lyrical intensity, almost painful. Wonderful band mates..."


New gig with Scream!
and SundayJazz @ RaindogsClub

On 17th october Rolff will perform the album "Scream!" at the prestigious Milestone Jazz Club in Piacenza.
From october on, for two sundays each month, Rolff will perform a series of jazz concert at Raindogs Club in Savona, joining in the band many of the great ligurian jazz talents, such as Claudio Capurro, Gianpaolo Casati, Riccardo Zegna, Gianluca Tagliazucchi, Daviano Rotella....


Massimiliano Rolff in Montreaux con Donna Lewis

On 16th July Rolff will be playing in the line up of the band of american singer Donna Lewis, in a concert connected to the prestigious Montreaux Jazz Festival. This concert set the beguinning of a new interting collaboration with Donna Lewis, that in the last years developed a very elegant sound, with a great balance of jazz and pop.


Concerts and Masterclass in Catalonia, Spain

From 5 to 8 July 2015,Rolff and David Pastor will be on stage together for two important concerts: in Barcellona at Cocktail Milano and at the prestigious Valencia Jazz Festival 2015, where they will share the show with italian pianist Stefano Bollani. After that Massimiliano will give a masterclass about jazz language and improvisation at SedaJazz Music Institute in Valencia.


"Residenza Creativa" at JazzIt Fest 2015 (Umbria)

Massimiliano will hold a "Creative Residence" and two concerts at JazzIt Fest 2015 in Collescipoli, Umbria, on 26-27 and 28 June. During these days Rolff will give a concert in duo with pianist and arranger Cettina Donato and a concert with his own band "Scream!". In the meantime, with the collaboration of JazzIt Magazine and Roman Milk Studio Rolff will record an album of "ten duo" with 10 musicians that are on the festival. The album, with original music, will be released by JazzIt Magazine. Here the musicians that will record with Massimiliano: L'album, di musiAchille Succi, Pasquale Innarella, Gianni Denitto, Luca Aquino, Antonio Figura, Filippo Cosentino, Angelo Olivieri, Marcello Alulli, Fabio Giachino e Marco Fossati.


Concerts in Bulgaria and new album with Dimitar Liolev

From 28th to the 2nd of June Rolff will give two concerts in Plovdiv and Sofia, with quartet of amazing saxophonist Dmitar Liolev. Massimiliano will also record the new album with the quartet of the bulgarian musician, that will be released in the winter 2015.


Review of the concert at "Casa del Jazz" in Rome, by Gerlando Gatto

Journaist and music critic Gerlando Gatto, published a review of the concert that Rolff gave last 15 May at the prestigious "Casa del Jazz" in Rome with "Scream!", in the magazine "A proposito di Jazz". "...The music flows fresh, fluid, modern, and beautiful without any push, and the leader shows also all his technical abilities as jazz improviser and as double-bass player." Read here


Italian Tour with "Scream!" feat. David Pastor

Rolff will be touring Italy for few concerts with the music of "Scream!" with the great spanish trumpeter David Pastor as special guest. Pastor is the most well-know jazz trumpeter in Spain, and with Rolff will perform in Rome, Milan, Genoa, Turin and Camaiore between 15th and 26th May.


Interview for dutch magazine "Jazz in Europe"

Spanish journalist Marta Ramon interviewed Massimiliano Rolff for dutch magazine Jazz in Europe. In this deep and long interview Massimiliano goes through his early discover of the jazz world through all his studies and development of his carreer with recordings and concerts. http://jazzineurope.mfmmedia.nl/2015/04/interview-with-massimiliano-rolff/


The album "Scream!" voted among the best 100 album of 2014!

The album "Scream!" has been voted among the best 100 albums of 2014 in the JazzIt Awards, by italian magazine "JazzIt"


New concerts in Sicily and Massimiliano Rolff & Friends"

BlueArt Management is happy to announce that Rolff will be performing in Sicily between 15th and 19th April, while every thursday continues with great success the program "Massimiliano Rolff & Friends" at "Kitchen Mon Amour", downtown Genova.


"Scream!" review on "Jazz&Tzaz" - Greece
February 2015


Review on the most important greek jazz magazine "Jazz&Tzaz":
"(...)An album with dreamy and vibrant melodies, with an intense lyric improvisation that rises easily from the sound of the recording. The rhtym section builds the team game, and Rolff let everybody shine in his own performance(...)".


"Scream!" review on "JazzRytmit" Finland
January 2015


JazzRythmit is one of the most important jazz magazines in Europe, thanks to Jouko Kirstilä for his words:
"(...)The music is vibrating, from the first notes of Scream Theme the listener is taken on wide round trip of emotions. The music flows naturally thanks to the strong rhythms and thanks to an outstanding performance of the musicians(...)"


Massimiliano Rolff with E-Sound in Spain!


Massimiliano Rolff is from today part of the important roster of E-Sound, booking agency in Valencia, Spain, among some of the most acclaimed italian jazz musicians.
Soon, Massimiliano Rolff will be touring clubs and festival in beautiful Spain!


"Scream!" CD review on Jazzit - Italy
November 2014


Jazzit review of November 2014 - with sticker "Jazzit Likes it!"!
" ( ... ) The stated purpose of "Scream!" is to propose changing atmospheres, inspired by the most different moods: through the use of unusual metrics, well designed melodies and atypical formal structures, the result is particularly significant and original." ( EM )


"Scream!" review on "JazzQuad" - Russia - September 2014


Fine review on Russian Web Magazine "jazzquad.ru" (Belarus), thanks to journalist Leonid Auskern " " ... My favorite song on the album is the song " Three Golden Paths " , it begins with the solo part of Rolff , then the lone voice of his colleague Dzhachino at the piano and then the drums: the construction of a common ceremonial system, very exciting, and playful. Obviously, this is the opinion of the writer of these lines , but I think that every listener will find in the music of this CD something of their own. In Scream! there are lots to choose from!"


Scream! national broadcast live at "Piazza Verdi" on RadioRai3


Massimiliano Rolff will present the album "Scream ! " playing live in the program " Piazza Verdi " on national frequencies of Rai Radio 3 , live from the studios of Milan at 15.00 on 15 November 2014
The band will be complete with Fabio Giachino , Nicola Angelucci and the inevitable Caldero on percussion.


"Scream!" review on "Buscadero" Magazine - September 2014


Journalist Guido Michelone publishes an interesting review of the album "Scream ! " on the number of September 2014 of the famous music magazine Buscadero " ... This is young music and cohesive , respectful and inventive , whose expressiveness is poured into solos and improvisations , including strong counterpoints , stubborn minimalism , swinging grooves , sophisticated harmonies , direct communication , pleasant surprises despite the complex shapes of the pieces ... "


"Scream!" reviewed on Musica Jazz Magazine n.748/September 2014

Musica Jazz

The album "Scream!" has been positively reviewed on the issue of September 2014 of the prestigious italian magazine "Musica Jazz".
"... Listening to his latest cd I'm impressed by Rolff's instrumental prowess, as much as his ability and amazing maturity as composer (...) If we add to the atmosphere redolent of nostalgia and to his ability in interpretation that distinguishes his soloing, the picture that comes out (that reaches its pitch in Someone to watch over me) this work is really worthy of the utmost consideration."(Giorgio Lombardi)


Japanese distribution for "Scream!"

Musica Jazz

It's today's news that DiskUnion - one of the largest music distributors worldwide - choose the album "Scream!" for the Japanese market, the second jazz market in the world after U.S.


Review of "Scrub Game" on "Musica Jazz Magazine"

Musica Jazz

"Strong swing and desert landscapes are the main ingredients of the music of this excellent trio..." The album "Scrub Game", produced and performed by Rolff with saxophonist Bruno Marini and drummer U.T. Gandhi fro BlueArt in 2013, has been reviewed by Sabelli on the August 2014 issue of the italian national magazine "Musica Jazz".


Interview at Radio LDC95


Friday 25th July at 2.30 pm Massimiliano will be ON AIR at Radio LDC95 in Turin, interviewed by italian journalist Marco Basso to present his new release "Scream!". Radio Ldc95 is an excellent and innovative culture webradio. Follow him at www.radio.ldc95.it


New album release "SCREAM!" on the market on 7th July 2014

After Dark

The new album of Massimiliano Rolff "Scream!" released by BlueArt will be out for sale on 7th July 2014 on all the main digital stores, and physically at concerts and on request. With SCREAM! Massimiliano Rolff reaches his fourth album as leader and composer, assembling a quartet of outstanding musicians with pianist Fabio Giachino , Nicola Angelucci on drums and Juan Carlos "Caldero" on percussions. The album SCREAM!, as well as the concert, takes the listener in a journey through many soundscapes: screaming the anger, the joy, the liberation, the fear, and the happiness, through a sound that represents for Ligurian bassist a work of research and maturity. Just like in his previous work this occasion Rolff presents a cohesive line-up and free to express individual creativity in a career as a composer who scored an absolute point of arrival. The album is enriched by Enrico Rava's liner notes.


Japanese distribution for CD "After Dark"

After Dark

The cd "After Dark, release by BlueArt in 2012, recorded with great dutch pianist Joost Swart and italian drummer Daviano Rotella, will have a Japanese distribution with DISKUNION. A good chance to develop a live tour in Japan for the next year...


Massimiliano Rolff at JazzOnAir Festival


Massimiliano Rolff will attend at the festival JazzOnAir 2014. After the great success of last year, on stage with great Steve Grossman and Perico Sambeat, Rolff will perform with his new band "Scream!" on 1st August and with the bulgarian band "Dimitar Liolev Quartet" on 22nd august.


New CD release "The Other Side" with Dimitar Liolev Quartet

The other side

Today has been released, for the label BlueArt, the cd "The other side" by Dimitar Liolev Quartet, recorded in January 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria. With the bulgarian saxophonist Dimitar Liolev, composer of all the music, there is Massimiliano Rolff on doublebass, Martin Tashev on trumpet and Dimitar Semov on drums. The record is an energetic crossover between jazz and balkan traditional music, with open space for great improvisations.

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