New Release - Italian Life in Contemporary Time
Massimiliano Rolff
Italian Life in Contemporary Time

Massimiliano Rolff - DoubleBass
Gabriele Mirabassi / Stefano Guazzo - Clarinet
Roberto Piga - I Violin
Laura Sillitti - II Violin
Daniele Guerci - Viola
Jacopo Ristori - Cello
Lorenzo Bergamino - Percussions
Matteo Rebora - Percussions
Massimiliano Rolff presents, at his fifth album as leader, an extraordinary work of composition, with a personal and imaginary sound, that surely represents an "unicum" in the European music scene. In a original crossover of styles, from contemporary music, minimalism, jazz improvisations and ethnic elements, Rolff describes, with his new ensemble, a journey through contemporary Italy, through the natural elements that move the emotions of italian society. Italian Life in Contemporary Time is an intense work of composing for string quartet, double bass, percussions, wonderfully completed by the oustanding performance of Gabriele Mirabassi on clarinet.
This music is available for booking 'Live' on two different shows: "Italian Life in Contemporary Time - In Concerto", where the compositions blend with the strong live performance, and the "Italian Life in Contemporary Time - Multimedia show for images and dance, directed by Massimiliano Rolff and FAbio Niccolini.

New Release - Scream!
Massimiliano Rolff - Scream!

Massimiliano Rolff - Double Bass
Fabio Giachino - Piano
Nicola Angelucci / Ruben Bellavia - Drums
Mario Principato - Percussions

The music of “Scream!” is a collection of very simple and very complex tunes, where Rolff for for the first time tried to be as free as possible from the typical jazz idiom that has been the heart of his previous works. The melodies are strongly connected to european music, and rhythms are inspired from the black and latin tradition. The music of “Scream!” has been thought to explore different forms and to let the musicians free to express their own personalities and creativity through their solos and improvisations: a strong trademark of Rolff's productions. Rondò forms, eastern european odd rhythms, sweet deep melodies, written counterpoints, minimalistic ostinatos and bouncing-swinging grooves are the main ingredients of Rolff's new album.

partecipazioni e co-produzioni


David Pastor - Trumpet
Alex Conde - Piano
Massimiliano Rolff - Double Bass
Lorenzo Tucci - Drums

A Love Supreme, Tribute to John Coltrane

Emanuele Cisi - Tenor Sax
Danny Grissett / Dado Moroni - Piano
Massimiliano Rolff - Double Bass
Nicola Angelucci - Drums

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