Intervista per la rivista americana Jazz Blues News

Intervista per la rivista americana Jazz Blues News a cura di Simon Sargsyan

L’importante rivista on line americana Jazz Blues News ha pubblicato questa lunga intervista, in cui Massimiliano Rolff ha il piacere di raccontare molti degli aspetti che lo legano alla musica, e i percorsi creativi che lo portano a comporre, nel tentativo di incontrare il suo pubblico e nuova gente.

Ecco un piccolo estratto “…

JBN: – How do you keep stray, or random, musical influences from diverting you from what you’re doing?

MR: – All good music, all the music I like, all the music that I think is good, helps my creative process, at any level. The style of music is just a detail, if the intention is good and pure it will help my creative process. Sometimes it is hard to stay away from bad music and bad attitudes… I work hard in everyday’s life, to preserve myself from bad things and wrong energy. It is a fight, and music is my weapon.

JBN: – John Coltrane once said that music was his spirit. How do you perceive the spirit and the meaning of life?

MR: – Music is one of the most amazing resource we have at our disposal and we can use it both to receive and spread energy to the environment that surrounds us. My spirit is part of the big picture of nature, and I’m so thankful I can blend my spirit with the music, and have a voice in the universe, trying to strongly feel a small part of it.”

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