Italian life in contemporary time


Massimiliano Rolff
Producer: Rosario Moreno / BlueArt
Number of discs: 1


01. Primo Quadro, La Terra
02. Secondo Quadro, L’acqua
03. Terzo Quadro, Il fuoco
04. Quarto Quadro, L’aria
05. Quinto Quadro, L’etere
06. Sesto Quadro, La luce
07. Settimo Quadro, Il Pensiero


Massimiliano Rolff – DoubleBass
Gabriele Mirabassi / Stefano Guazzo – Clarinet
Roberto Piga – I Violin
Laura Sillitti – II Violin
Daniele Guerci – Viola
Jacopo Ristori – Cello
Lorenzo Bergamino – Percussions
Matteo Rebora – Percussions

Massimiliano Rolff presents, at his fifth album as leader, an extraordinary work of composition, with a personal and imaginary sound, that surely represents an “unicum” in the European music scene. In a original crossover of styles, from contemporary music, minimalism, jazz improvisations and ethnic elements, Rolff describes, with his new ensemble, a journey through contemporary Italy, through the natural elements that move the emotions of italian society. Italian Life in Contemporary Time is an intense work of composing for string quartet, double bass, percussions, wonderfully completed by the oustanding performance of Gabriele Mirabassi on clarinet.

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