Massimiliano Rolff, Bassist & Composer

Adventures on Magia

Challenge Records,

CR73556- 2023
A cinematic blend of Afro-Cuban grooves and Jazz Sounds

A successful emotional trip into an original fusion written and arranged for a 12-piece orchestra.

Massimiliano Rolff – Jazz Bass, Composer, Producer, Educator in Italy

The music of Massimiliano Rolff, along with a deep knowledge of the tradition mixed with a personal taste for composition, became a landmark for many jazz lovers across Italy.

In over 25 years of music career, leading his bands, Massimiliano Rolff toured extensively all over the globe, alongside some of the world’s finest jazz musicians, and released 9 albums as leader composer.

16.12.23 Alessandro Conti Quartet – Expo – Genova
14.01.24 – Tony Arco Trio – Conservatorio di Piacenza
13.01.24 – Tony Arco Trio – Count Basie Jazz Club
06.01.24 – Heidi Li Quartet – t.b.a. Milano
08.02.24 – Dave Kikoski Trio – Pjazzetta – Recoaro
09.02.24 – Dave Kikoski Trio – Laurin – Bolzano
10.02.24 – Dave Kikoski Trio – Teatro Bello – Milano
11.02.24 – Dave Kikoski Trio – Milestone – Piacenza
Slow Foot Music Jazz Bass Composer Producer Educator in Italy

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Slow Foot Music Jazz Bass Composer Producer Educator in Italy

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All photos by Roberto Cifarelli, Paolo Zeggio, Paolo Catalano, Enrico Rolando, Donato Aquaro, Peter Wit, Antonio Sambeat, Mariangela Corrias. Thanks for your support!

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