Jazz Sharing


Massimiliano Rolff
JazzIt Records
Producer: JazzIt Records
Number of discs: 1


01. Above the orange trees – M.Rolff, doublebass solo
02. Suresh – duo w/Gianni Denitto, Alto Sax
03. Nena – duo w/Antonio Figura, Piano
04. Pink Sock – duo w/Achille Succi, Bass Clarinet
05. Serendipity Reloaded – duo w/Filippo Cosentino, Guitar
06. Ex – duo w/Susanna Stivali
07. What is this thing called ‘Trane – duo w/Fabio Giachino
08. Meta de Changò Рduo w/Marco Fossati, Percussions
09. For a gentleman – duo w/Angelo Olivieri, Trumpet
10. Madrid – duo w/Marcello Allulli, Tenor Sax
11. Sharing is love – duo w/Beppe Di Benedetto, Trombone
12. Blues 4CH –

All tunes duo w/Luca Aquino, Tromba Compositions by Massimliano Rolff, Antonio Figura, Achille Succi, Filippo Cosentino, Susanna Stivali, Fabio Giachino, Angelo Olivieri, Marcello Allulli, Beppe Di Benedetto, Luca Aquino

Enclosed at n. 94 of JAZZIT MAGAZINE

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