Gershwin on Air

Porgy, Bess and beyond ...


Gershwin on Air

Porgy, Bess and beyond….

Massimiliano Rolff, double bass

Tommaso Perazzo, piano

Antonio Fusco, drums

George Gershwin’s extraordinary musical world emerges, caresses us, amazes us and finally overwhelms us in the uniqueness of this concert. Rolff shapes in a contemporary writing, the songs, the musicals, the jazz and the orchestral sound that made Gershwin’s music the pillar on which the ‘American Sound’ is built.

Massimiliano Rolff, double bass player with an eye in detail and creative composer, leads and shares his new musical adventure with two extraordinary talents of Italian jazz, the young pianist, New York based, Tommaso Perazzo, and the drummer from south Italy Antonio Fusco, based instead in Beijing, China.

This international trio of musicians find a surprising feeling and a unique understanding through the highlights musical moments of the opera ‘Porgy and Bess’ and on the amazing series of wonderful songs all signed by George and Ira Gershwin.

Melody is the main character of this concert, where interplay, imaginative atmospheres, soul and swing are revealed, in a climax of vibrant improvisations.

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